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Spring has Sprung...Finally!!!
We have WHOLE COW ground beef, which is so DELICIOUS because all the best cuts of meat are included in the ground. We only do this once in a which so get some while supplies last. 

This is Penny. She lives with her forever family. Can you say spoiled LOL!! 
Our Princess
A family owned sustainable ranch

Healthy and Happy Animals

We have dreamed of a country lifestyle for our entire lives. We weren't born into the lifestyle and it has taken years of hard work and planning to get our little piece of heaven in the rolling hills of upstate South Carolina. We are creating a healthy and happy environment for our animals as well as a great place for our children and grandchildren who help us care for our animals every day. This hands on approach gives us the ability to attend to our animals every need so they will enjoy stress free happy lives.

We give our animals everything they need to be happy and healthy so that you can reap the benefits of tasty antibiotic and hormone free meat.

Our cattle are grassfed on a pasture rotation system to provide them with fresh natural forage 24/7 all year long. They have access to fresh well water and wooded areas for afternoon naps. They enjoy a natural breeding system and all babies stay with their mothers until weaning.

Our heritage pork is pasture raised with plenty of nuts and roots for them to eat. They have great mud holes for wallowing in, fresh well water and wooded areas for keeping cool on warm southern summer days.

Please enjoy our web site and feel free to visit or call us anytime. We love to share our ranch and animals with new and old friends alike.

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