Hereford Hills Ranch
Miss Goldie is one of our tried and true Mamma's. She is the mother of Princess and one of our herd bulls Nugget.

Pretty Princess. She runs to meet us at the pasture gate just for some loving.

Little Bright Eyed Jack peaking through the grass.

Our Classic Hereford Cattle

Natural Is Best

Classic Hereford Cattle are full blooded Herefords and are registered through the American Hereford Association. Classic Herefords are 38-48 inches tall as apposed to the 50-60 inch height of large Herefords. Classic Herefords are a perfect fit for smaller ranches/acreage, young children or people that just love cattle. Classic Herefords do not require expensive fences, pens or chutes and are easily kept within most types of fencing. They make great pets and show animals due to their docile nature and ease of care. Their smaller size means you can graze them on smaller pastures with better results. Classic Herefords process grass much better than large Herefords and can be raised quite easily on grass alone. Two 700lb Classic Herefords can be raised on the same amount of ground as one 1400lb large Hereford much more efficiently.

We believe the natural way is best. That's why we raise our cattle as close to what nature intended as possible. Our beef spend their days and nights on lush natural pastures of native grasses and legumes. They have fresh well water and plenty of shady areas for cooling off. We choose not to de-horn our cattle, but we do have naturally polled cattle as well. All the needs of our cattle are met by our family on a daily basis to keep them safe, well nourished and stress free. Research shows that grass-fed meat is lean, contains a high percentage of good fats – Omega 3s and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and beneficial antioxidant vitamins and minerals.



We offer:

  • Calves
  • Heffiers
  • Bulls
  • Steers


 We look forward to talking with you. Please feel free to visit, e-mail or call us today for selection and prices.


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